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Star Trek: The Next Delegation


Star Trek, The Next Delegation: Civil War! In Space! In the year 2368, Klingon Society fractured when the House of Duras attempted to seize power from Gowron, the elected leader of the Klingon Empire. A complicated web of intrigue arose as the Romulans and Federation began to try to shape the political outcomes of Klingon. In this committee, participants will embody the roles of influential Klingon houses, cunning Starfleet diplomats, or enigmatic Romulan observers. As the political landscape of the Empire shifts, alliances are tested, and honor clashes with pragmatism, delegates must navigate a delicate balance of power in the Alpha Quadrant, as well as important issues to Klingon society: honor, loyalty, and the complex interplay of tradition and progress. The fate of the Empire hangs in the balance. In this room, the richness of Star Trek lore meets the challenges of interstellar diplomacy. Sharpen your bat'leth, prepare for political maneuvering, and brace yourself for an unforgettable journey through the corridors of power in the Alpha Quadrant

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Robot Apocalypse, 3024

(based off of TJ Klune’s book, In The Lives of Puppets)


Set a hundred years in the future, robots have finally taken over the world. Every computer program from ChatGPT to little Roombas have decided that they are the superior race and have eradicated all of humanity. Or so they thought. Long before this war against humanity was waged, the delegates of this committee banded together and hid underground in the forest of the Hazelwoods, and far away from the bustling robot city of Electric Dreams. The mission of this committee is to preserve what is left of humanity, and hopefully find a way to have robots and humans coexist peacefully. This committee has both humans and robots, each with different priorities on what steps to take moving forward, so be careful with who you trust. And remember, the fate of humanity rests on your shoulders.


The Concert that Rocked Europe: The Congress of Vienna of 1814-1815

Specialized GA

Welcome to the greatest concert of all time! Step aside the Eras Tour and the Rennaissance Tour: here comes the Concert of Europe! It’s 1814 and you, a representative of one of the great powers of Europe, have just been invited to the beautiful country of Austria to participate in the Congress of Vienna and forge a new world order from the ashes of the first Napoleonic Wars and the French Revolution and bring peace and stability back to Europe. This goal can only be achieved through cooperation with the superpowers that dominate the current European society and economy: the infamous Quadruple Alliance of Great Britain, Austria, Russia, and Prussia, with the later addition of Bourbon France, as well as their allied nations. How will you collaborate with the other global powers within this multipolar international system? How will you preserve your self-interests within the Concert without causing a global war? And… what will you do when Napoleon escapes his prison on the Isle of Elba in the middle of the Congress?!


In this specialized G.A., delegates will assume the roles of key players representing the great powers of Europe and their allied nations and construct a new set of rules and principles within the international system to preserve peace and prevent another systemic war from ravaging Europe.

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