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Five College Model UN was founded in 2007 by Mount Holyoke's Model UN team and Model UN teams in the rest of the five colleges. Seeking to create a fun, lighthearted conference, FCMUN has been a historically beginner-friendly conference. FCMUN is a crisis-heavy conference, although we may have some specialized committees or GA-focused committees, it varies every year. We have been on hiatus since early 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but we are excited to be bringing FCMUN back after four long years!

FCMUN has also historically operated in another unique way: housing accommodations. In the past, delegates have been hosted by Mount Holyoke students in their dorms, giving a unique view into life at Mount Holyoke and a chance to build lasting relationships. This also allows for a cost savings by removing hotel fees which can prove to be a barrier for many delegations. For FCMUN in 2024, we are excited to be bringing this aspect of the conference back!



FCMUN is proud to be a unique conference. Hosted by a gender-diverse historically women's college, FCMUN is proud to be inclusive and diverse, creating a space for women, trans, and other LGBTQ+ people in a largely male-dominated activity. Additionally, Mount Holyoke is comprised of 23% international students and this "large international student population brings richly diverse perspectives from all around the world right to this very conference. Staffers hail from a range of academic backgrounds as well, affording creative discipline-specific elements to the committees and encouraging delegates to think beyond the realm of issues governing today’s global media." (BestDelegate)

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