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FCMUN Secretariat

Meet the Secretariat

Welcome to the Five College Model UN Secretariat. We are all committed to making FCMUN the best experience it can be and are excited to work with you.



Tatum Spriester


Tatum Spriester (they/she) is a Junior at Mount Holyoke double majoring in Physics and International Relations with a focus in Peace and Security. She is from one of the most haunted towns in the US and the home of the best tacos according to Pedro Pascal - San Antonio, Texas. They are proud to serve as both the Secretary-General of FCMUN XIV and a Co-President of Mount Holyoke’s MUN club. She has worked repeatedly as the head delegate for the MHCMUN travel team. In the past, she was a GA chair and worked as the Crisis Director for a room on the Latin American Sovereign Debt Crisis of 1982 for multiple high school MUNSA conferences. 


In the world beyond MUN, she works as a teaching assistant for an introductory astronomy course at Mount Holyoke’s observatory. They can be found polishing the campus’ antique Clark refractor, hosting extremely obscure theme parties with their roommate Katharine, or Robloxing with their sisters. 

Tatum cannot wait for the return of FCMUN! They’re working tirelessly alongside the rest of the Secretariat to ensure this year’s conference goes smoothly and upholds the original mission of accessibility and inclusion. Feel free to reach out at any time via either or


Director of Business

Chelsey Ding


Chelsey is a freshman at the college studying Economics and plans to minor or double major in Politics and is very excited to be your Business Director for FCMUN 2024. She is from Dalian, a beautiful and chill coastal city in China. While she was not here for the FCMUNs, she joined in her high school MUN and served as a secretariat member and a chair in the Security Council in her high school conferences. She loves collaborating ideas with different people and enjoys discussing what is happening around the globe.

Outside of FCMUN, she loves skiing, horseback riding, and distance running. Also, she loves going to Thirsty Mind with her friends and her favorite dessert is “Carrot Cake”(this might change in the future though hahaha). Fun Fact, Winter and autumn are her favorite seasons.

Chelsey is extremely excited to be your Business Director this year and wants to try her best to make this conference memorable and enjoyable. If you have any questions about conference budgeting, wanting to request extra materials for the conference, or just willing to share your favorite music or movies, do not hesitate to reach out to her at She

is looking forward to seeing all of you soon!

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Director or Publicity

Evelyn Fleming


Evelyn Fleming is a sophomore Politics student at Mount Holyoke College. She is excited to be involved in Model UN for the first time during college, attending CMUNNY, CIAC and CHOMUN in the past year or so.


When not working on school work or Model UN, she also works as an RA on campus, and relaxes by knitting and drinking herbal teas. She is excited to be involved in hosting a conference for the first time, and looks forward to meeting delegates from other schools



Co-Business Director

Zeyu Zhao


Zeyu (she/her) is a freshman at the college and intends to double major in Politics and Physics. She is from Beijing, the Capital of China, and loves history and museums here! Also, she is very excited to be your Co-Business Director for FCMUN 2024. She was the initiator and leader of her high school’s MUN Club for four years. Meanwhile, she served as a chair and organizer in the inter-city conference about the African Union and GA. Also, she led the team in participating in PKUNMUN and CHOMUN. 

Outside of FCMUN, she loves cooking, photographing (taking photos of scenery!), traveling (visiting museums!), and reading (interested in nonfiction). Well, her biggest dream now is to play the keyboard/ guitar proficiently. 

Zeyu is very excited to be your Co-Business Director this year and is trying their best to make this conference suitable and enjoyable. If you have any questions about conference budgeting or suggestions for improvement, do not hesitate to contact her by email at



Zoey Pickett


Zoey (she/her) is a sophomore International Relations and Environmental Studies major and has been involved in Model UN since her first year. She has participated in the China Two Sessions committee at CIAC, the Dividing Antarctica committee CHOMUN, and the EU committee at CMUNNY as a crisis delegate. She is originally from Casper, Wyoming: the home of Brokeback Mountain and Jeffree Star! 


Outside of Model UN and school, she can be found giving a tour of Mount Holyoke, getting a fun little treat, in the Miller Worley Center for the Environment student office, or watching Parks and Recreation. If you want to make her happy, bring her a cup of tea (any and all types). She can also be found spending 3+ minutes on the New York Times mini crossword, or updating her GCal. 


She is honored to be the Director General of FCMUN XIV. She wants to make this the best resurrection of FCMUN possible. Please feel free to reach out to her if you have any questions about FCMUN at


Director of Logistics

Linden Wade


Linden is a sophomore at the college studying French and Italian, and is very excited to be your head of logistics for FCMUN 2024. He's from Bedford, New Hampshire, a town known only for its proximity to Manchester and amazing cronuts. While they were not here for the FCMUNs before COVID, they serve in MHCMUN as the Crisis Committee Trainer and never stop talking about how much they love the delegation. 


Outside of FCMUN, he is on the board for Student Government as the Chair of Organizations and works at the library circulation desk, unintentionally forcing students into conversations about the books they're checking out and why they like them. He can be found listening to Chappel Roan, buying too many peach green tea lemonades from the Thirsty Mind, or sitting on a bench at Upper Lake during what is supposed to be their Walking for Fitness course. 


Linden is wildly excited to be your Logistics Director this year, and wants to make this conference as accessible and equitable as possible. If you have any questions about conference lodgings or materials, concerns about its organization, or want to talk about XO Kitty season two theories, never hesitate to reach out to him at They hope to see all of you soon!



Hana Cho


Hana is a freshman with a prospective major in Economics. She calls South Korea and the small town of Wenham in the Northshore of Massachusetts her home. She’s loved MUN ever since she first tried it out during high school, and she has been hosting and participating in conferences like YMUNK, DMUN, UNFLMUN, and MUN101 in Korea. 


Outside of MUN, Hana is an active board member of Mount Holyoke’s Investment Club, the International Student Organizing Committee, and the Korean Students Association. Her daily mood is intricately tied to the performances of the Red Sox, Celtics, Patriots, Real Madrid, and Son of Tottenham Hotspur. You’ll most likely spot her at Thirsty Mind sipping on an iced vanilla latte while watching a 90s romance movie. 


Hana is thrilled to be serving as a USG for FCMUN XIV. If you have any questions or concerns, email her at!


Director of Design

Carolina Loayza


Carolina (she/her) is a sophomore at Mount Holyoke College. She was born in the state of sunshine, palm trees and eternal spring known as Florida. Currently, she is studying a double major in International Relations and Studio Art. Beforehand, she participated for 3 consecutive years in the Harvard Secondary School Program at Harvard University, which gave her the opportunity to open her own Public Speaking Club in High School. As the founder and leader of the club she prepared her classmates to dominate any future setting.
Outside of her studies, she is a competitive swimmer and member of the Mount Holyoke swim team, becoming the MHC 200 IM/R Record Holder. In her freshman year she was part of the Write Here, Write Now Club as the Director of Graphic Design. Currently, she is a member of the SGA on the All Campus Elections Committee and works as a Digital Art and Design Teaching Assistant. 
As a multilingual she has the ability to speak English, Spanish and Japanese. Among her hobbies are reading manga, drawing, and walking to class while listening to Japanese music. She also enjoys drinking a nice cup of Chamomile tea or Coconut Juice. 
Carolina is ecstatic to be a part of XIV FCMUN. Serving as the Graphic Designer of the FCMUN Club is not only a pleasure but a great responsibility that she is proud to have. Any inquiry regarding graphic design or any related activity is welcome at any time through her email: If you have questions or just want to chat with me, do not hesitate to reach out to me.


Director of Special Events

Nicole Mattiacci


Nicole is a freshman at Mount Holyoke and an intended international relations major from Lansdale, Pennsylvania. She is elated to be the Director of Special Events for FCMUN XIV! In addition to being the Director of Special Events, she is also the Web Manager for the MHC Model UN Club.


Outside of MUN, she is an officer in the Climate Justice Coalition, and a member of the SGA Appointing Board, the Project Management Committee, and the Ways and Means Committee. In high school, she was involved in organizing several conferences and events centered around environmental sustainability, politics, and of course, Model UN. Two fun facts about her are that she is fluent in American Sign Language and she is a fiend for all coffee and teas. Her go-to Thirsty Mind order is a hot London Fog with lavender syrup.


For more information about the speakers, events, and activities related to FCMUN XIV, email Nicole at She hopes that FCMUN can be an enjoyable conference for all!   


Director of IT

Caroline Murray


Caroline Murray (she/her) is a sophomore at Mount Holyoke majoring in Politics with a minor in Anthropology and is very excited to be working on FCMUN! She has been involved with Model UN since her first year and attended two conferences, CIAC and CMUNNY! In addition to being IT Director for FCMUN, she is the Treasurer of MHCMUN.  


She is from Calais, Vermont, a little town north of Montpelier which boasts not one, but two paved roads! Still no stoplights though. Outside of MUN, she sings in the Mount Holyoke Glee Club and Chamber Singers, works as an office assistant on campus, and can often be found in her room making chai lattes or in Blanch (the dining hall) playing solitaire. She has almost completed her goal of winning all 125 games on!

Caroline is very excited to be working to bring FCMUN back to its former glory, and right now is focused on making sure this website can be the best it can be! If there are any questions or concerns about information on the website or how it's running, please reach out! If you also want to challenge her at solitaire, reach out at any time by email at


Director of Delegate Affairs

Veronica Rhoten


Veronica (she/her) is a first-year at Mount Holyoke College intending to double major in Psychology and Sociology with a Nexus in Law, Public Policy, & Human Rights. Originally from Little Rock, Arkansas, Veronica is deeply invested in human rights related work and global affairs. She is incredibly excited to be serving as the Director of Delegate Affairs for FCMUN XIV. 

Outside of FCMUN, she is on Mount Holyoke’s Honor Code Council, serves as a UN Volunteer, and fosters her intense love for sociological research. In her leisure time, Veronica enjoys writing, hiking, reading Black feminist literature, and wandering around Williston library with headphones on. She is partial to lipstick, fried green tomatoes, and extra sweet Pure Leaf tea.



Manal Fatima


Manal Fatima is a prospective International Relations and Sociology double major from Lahore, Pakistan. Manal has been participating in Model UN for the past six years and has also served as the President of her high school’s Model UN conference. Manal has also chaired multiple conferences in Pakistan and holds numerous best delegate awards. She is very passionate about community service and social justice and has had the privilege of advocating for a diverse range of communities in Pakistan, including transgender individuals, underprivileged women, religious minorities, and deaf children.

At Mount Holyoke, Manal is on the board of The Asian Students Association, a member of the International Students Organizing Committee, and works at the Miller Worley Center for the Environment. Beyond her academic pursuits, she operates her own small business on Instagram under the name "Manal Ki Dunya" (translated to "Manal's World"), where she showcases her artistic creations featuring pop and abstract art. In her free time, she enjoys scrapbooking, cooking, drying flowers, and collecting pins. Manal is so excited to serve as the USG for FCMUN and can't wait for everyone to see what's in store for the conference!

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