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Five College Model UN

April 19-21, 2024

In order to make sure every delegate is equipped for success in the committee rooms, we are going to be hosting training sessions to get everyone up to speed on parliamentary procedure (parli-pro) and the basics of GA and crisis on the first day of the conference. These will be hosted following check-in and prior to opening ceremonies in Shattuck Hall 318 for Crisis and 118 for GA


FCMUN is returning for the first time since 2019 hosted on the beautiful campus of Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, Massachusetts, and organized and staffed by members of the Five College Consortium. A national collegiate Model United Nations conference, FCMUN has previously been described as "a training ground for aspiring leaders and MUN champions." FCMUN is good for delegates of all experience levels and we plan to host "crash course" training sessions to ensure all delegates are best equipped to succeed in the committee room. Whether you plan to be competitive or just come for practice and fun, FCMUN prides itself on being a unique conference experience for all!

Welcome from the Secretariat!

We are working hard to bring you the best conference we can! We are working hard on finalizing conference logistics and are excited to share what we've got planned. Please stay in contact and sign up for our mailing list so we can keep you in the loop as we announce more.

See you soon!


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To align with our theme of coexistence, the secretariat has chosen the Palestine's Children Relief Fund to be the official fundraiser for FCMUN XIV. It is of the essence of Model United Nations to transcend boundaries and unite as one. FCMUN graciously asks for your help by supporting the Palestine's Children Relief Fund.

The Secretariat has selected Coexistence as the conference-wide theme for FCMUN XIV. As defined by Brittanica, to “coexist” means to “live in peace with each other” at the same time. We find this word extremely relevant today in today’s fragmented world. Is it really possible to coexist peacefully with people who are different from you? Is it possible to even go beyond coexistence and truly understand the people around you? This word is common in Model UN committees, with coexisting alongside countries or people whose goals and aspirations conflict with your own being a crucial component of how debates are run and positions are made. It may seem ineffective, but resolutions and directives in a typical room only get passed through a majority vote for a reason. Just as coexistence is needed to succeed in Model UN, we believe coexistence is needed– and can be achieved– through working together to understand the experiences and perspectives of groups of people different from your own. Thus, we chose this theme for our first conference back from the pandemic because of the weight this single word holds. Throughout this conference, we’d like to ask delegates to reflect on what this word means to them, and how you can coexist with others within your communities. Welcome back to FCMUN XIV!!! 



"A training ground for aspiring leaders and MUN champions, FCMUN provides students with an opportunity to hone their crisis management, research, and public speaking skills without the pressure that comes with being in a large committee. Each delegate is placed within a 15-20 member committee that allows seasoned delegates and newcomers alike to gain individualized feedback on areas for improvement by Crisis Directors and Chairs. This creates an atmosphere where delegates are free to release their inhibitions, let their creative juices, and flow and come up with exciting (sometimes even downright crazy, yet not too implausible) solutions to some of the pertinent questions raised in committee." (BestDelegate)

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