Committee on the Legalization of Cannabis in Uruguay


After a four-year long process, Uruguay became the first nation to fully legalize the production, distribution, and consumption of Marijuana. With pressure from surrounding nations in Latin America as well as from the United States due to the recent War on Drugs, Uruguay faced animosity from the international community for this development. This committee will take place in 2012 when initial plans to legalize the drug were announced by the President of Uruguay, one year before the legalization occurred. The committee will face the task of either legalizing the drug and its regulations or to negate the effort altogether. 

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Diana Garcia  |


Committee Director


Diana Garcia is a first-year student at Mount Holyoke College and a prospective Latin American Studies major. She was born and raised in Miami, Florida and her hobbies include dancing, watching Netflix, and drinking lots of coffee. Her wonderful Latin American Studies professor, as well as her interest in the complexity of social movements, sparked her desire to direct a committee based on the legalization of marijuana in Uruguay.