Turkey: The Kurdish Question


Turkey and its Kurdish population have been embroiled in conflict over the Kurds’ right to independence since the very inception of the Republic in 1920. The Kurds are a people occupying a region traversing Turkish, Iraqi, Syrian, and Iranian borders; they have their own political organizations, distinct language, as well as a strong cultural and national identity. For decades the governments of the these countries have clashed with their Kurdish separatist movements, but no government has been as aggressive, as adamant, and as ruthless in their goal to eliminate any possibility of an independent Kurdistan, as that of the Republic of Turkey. The Kurdish separatists have responded with ironclad resolve and dedication to their cause, using means of violence and diplomacy to realize and legitimize their claim to sovereignty. Can these groups find some shred of compromise in their opposing ideologies, and finally end the violence and oppression that has torn the region apart for years?

This committee will involve delegates from from Turkish political parties, governmental sectors, and Kurdish organizations, both domestic and foreign, as well as major branches within them. Delegates will have to represent and advocate for their own organizations’ objectives, while at the same time working together to seek a solution that doesn’t result in exacerbation of the conflict, disintegration of the Turkish government, and outright civil war.