The Sandinista Revolution


Indigenous tribe leaders, urban guerrilla fighters, and grassroots activists have secured victory in the overthrow of Anastasio Somoza’s dictatorship, ending the 46-year old iron fist Somoza reign - that with the support of the United States -  has killed opposition leaders and violently destroyed any dissent. However, Nicaragua is entrenched in ecological issues, social injustice, economic burdens, and political instability under the new Sandinista regime. Hundreds of thousands Nicoyas in turmoil are turning to the Sandinista National Liberation Front for pragmatic solutions under this intense climate of fear. A state emergency summit has been announced by the Sandinista commanders at the Capital. The summit includes leaders of the Sandinista Revolution who are student activists, campesinos, La Prensa newspaper journalists, concerned foreign officials who claim to support the moral struggle of Nicoyas and present financial aid offers, and the Catholic clergy.

You, as leaders of the Sandinista Revolution, will have to find a way to work together in Managua as a radical human rights vehicle to promote progressive and meaningful change for the people of Nicaragua and prevent any return to brutal dictatorship, or continue the violent battle for national political control through armed struggle, as you analyze the context of risks, tensions, and complexities associated with Nicaragua’s teetering democracy and negotiate effective strategies to tackle this national crisis.