The Sand Mafias


Top ‘sand mafia’ players are being arrested in connection to the death of Sandeep Sharma, an investigative journalist in India who attempted to expose their connections to the police and political patrons. As the global media turns its critical eye towards the power behind these organized crime groups, their services are in higher demand than ever. Singaporean officials have just released contracting calls for a new land reclamation project totaling over 100 hectares in size, requiring a whole lot of sand that they don’t have. And their neighbors aren’t happy about it – they remember the devastating effects Singapore’s previous projects have brought upon their countries. This time they’re ready to fight.

As upstarts in the sand mafia world, you’ll work to claim the spaces left behind by those arrested; as beleaguered government officials, you’ll work to secure your nation’s best interests, whatever they may be. May the best player win.