The Committee for Intergalactic Prosperity


In the year 3000 humanity is facing a Malthusian crisis. After the earth was decimated by a meteor strike in 2019, the survivors disseminated across the solar system to re-establish life on other planets. These planets, once colonized through advanced terraforming technology and atmospheric pressure systems, are now struggling to survive due to unsustainable practices of rapid development, industrialization, and deforestation over the years. 90% of all animal and plant species have gone extinct and air quality is so toxic that people can only breathe procured purified oxygen. It is because of this that we have convened an emergency session of the Committee for Intergalactic Prosperity to determine how to ensure maximum survival for all peoples involved.

The main idea present on everyone’s mind is Pluto. Fully terraformed and occupied by natives, the luscious oxygen rich planet was only previously scarcely inhabited because of its distance from the rest of Solar System as well as for the protection of rights of indigenous populations. It is up to you—the delegates and representatives from the eight planets in this Solar System—to find a solution in regard to Pluto’s role as a suitable habitat and humanity’s impending doom.




Emma is currently a first year student at Mount Holyoke College and is incredibly excited to immerse you into the world she has created as the Crisis Director of The Committee for Intergalactic Prosperity. Emma is originally from Hampden Massachusetts where she lives with her family, her dog, and some chickens on 12 acres of farm land. She is a prospective chemistry and sociology double major, and is particularly interested in how civil rights atrocities affect the psychological and sociological development of a society. This crisis committee she developed is based upon problems facing our society today. By combining the fantasy of other planets with real life intricacies such as overpopulation, limited natural resources, and limited land for development, she hopes that delegates are able to come to a concise solution that ensures maximum survival for the human species, as this may be something we face in the near future. Throughout this simulation she hopes you find a way to balance the needs of the many, with those of the few, as you fight not only for your own people, but for a future worth living in. Outside of Model UN, she is passionate about marvel movies, sci-fi classics, and philosophy queries, so feel free to say hello and strike up a conversation. She can’t wait to see you all in spring, and wishes you the best time researching.