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LORENA CACHO  |  Secretary-General

Lorena is a Senior at Mount Holyoke. Born in Lima, Peru, but has lived in Brazil, Austria, Uruguay & U.S. Often confused about where she comes from, she speaks 5 ½ languages and is an International Relations major. She is passionate about international human rights law and the empowerment of women, aspires to be the next Amal Clooney. Lorena is involved in MHCMUN team, serving as their Vice-President for this academic year. Hobbies include: re-watching Gossip Girl, traveling, the beach, eating sushi, and spending time with her family. 


Phoebe Long  |  Director-General

Phoebe is a Junior at Mount Holyoke and majoring in Politics with a Philosophy minor. A veteran MUNer, Phoebe has experience both as a traveling delegate and running conferences. From chairing to crisis directing to event planning, she’s ready to help her team put on the best FCMUN yet! She plans to write her thesis on the ethics of poverty, and enjoys studying labor politics, socialism, and political ecology. While born and raised on Cape Cod Massachusetts, you won’t catch her at the beach! Instead, Phoebe’s hobbies include writing poetry, working at coffee shops and listening to Lana Del Rey. As this year’s Director General, Phoebe takes immense pride in managing her team and working together with such strong women.

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maham khAN  |  
uSG of committees

Maham, originally from Lahore, Pakistan is a Junior at Mount Holyoke College majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Chemistry. Outside the classroom, she obsesses over Breaking Bad, looking for the perfect meme and dreaming about backpacking through Europe!


TehreeM mela  |  
uSG of committeeS

Tehreem is a Sophomore studying Politics and Art Studio from Lahore, Pakistan, where she started her Model United Nations career organizing and competing in conferences. She was a Committee Director for FCMUN last year and is a member of the Model UN Society. Outside MUN, Tehreem is a Speaking, Arguing, and Writing Mentor and a member of the Muslim Students Association on campus. She hopes to work closely with committee directors to provide an excellent FCMUN experience and can answer any questions you may have!




A Sophomore at Mount Holyoke, Amelia is majoring in Geography as well as an Interdisciplinary track of Developing International Sustainable Policy. She has lived in Central Florida all her life, but loves mountains, traveling and looks forward to crossing off all the US States. She is the Class Board President and an active member of the Mount Holyoke Crew Team, the Model UN Society and the Admissions Office. She enjoys Delta Rae, to-do lists, and the empowering conversations that arise everyday on her campus.

 Mariana is a sophomore majoring in Economics and International Relations. She owes her interest in those fields to a childhood spent living in and exploring Egypt, Jordan, Nepal, and Tanzania. When not busy with MUN, Mariana enjoys trying to keep her plants alive, drinking copious amounts of coffee, and taking way too many pictures of squirrels.

Rebecca piperno  |  

Rebecca, originally from Rome, Italy, is currently a Sophomore at Mount Holyoke. She is majoring in International Relations and Art History, and she is so excited to serve as one of your Asst. USGs! On campus, Rebecca is involved in the Model UN Society, the Admissions Office, and is Class Board Vice President.


Mariana is a Sophomore majoring in Economics and International Relations. She owes her interest in those fields to a childhood spent living in and exploring Egypt, Jordan, Nepal, and Tanzania. When not busy with MUN, Mariana enjoys trying to keep her plants alive, drinking copious amounts of coffee, and taking way too many pictures of squirrels.


Umama is a Senior from Dhaka, Bangladesh double majoring in Economics and Statistics. Her research interests include the economics of labor, gender and development. Outside of the classroom, Umama is interested in learning about identity and culture through food.  Umama's long list of unhealthy obsessions include basketball, Coca-Cola and all things rice.


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Niamh Gronningsater  |  
Director of Delegate Affairs

Niamh is a Senior studying Politics and Gender Studies with a concentration in Reproductive Health, Rights, and Justice at Mount Holyoke. She has previously served as a Co-Chair for the annual Civil Liberties and Public Policy Conference and is excited to bring that knowledge to FCMUN XI. Born and raised in New York City, Niamh enjoys a fast-paced environment filled with skyscrapers, bridges, a highly diverse population, and every cuisine under the sun. She also enjoys lounging on the beach, exercising, and laughing until the point of physical discomfort.

Sara Sarmiento  |  
Director of Logistics

Sara is a first-year planning to major in International Relations. She is from Bogota, Colombia but grew up in Miami, Florida. Model UN has given Sara a place to grow and feel empowered on campus, and she hopes to contribute to the potential growth and empowerment that FCMUN XI will bring to our delegates!


A first-year at Mount Holyoke with an interest in pursuing International Relations. Born and raised in South Florida, she was fortunate to have been brought up in a diverse environment with people from all around the globe. Appropriately, her interests include studying cultures, learning new languages, and traveling––especially to visit her family in Latin America.

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Amal is a Sophomore who plans to major in English. She was born in Karachi, Pakistan but grew up in Romania, Bahrain, Dubai and South Africa. Amal speaks four languages, and loves traveling, talking to people, making new friends and eating chicken nuggets. Her experience of moving to different countries has enlightened her knowledge about different cultures and people which sparked her initial interest in MUN. 

Destiny treloar  |  

Destiny is a freshman at Mount Holyoke studying Environmental Science. She is from Fort Lauderdale, FL. While Destiny didn’t discover Model UN until college, she is honored to serve as Director of Events at FCMUN XI. Destiny loves running, looking for hidden fossils, hibernating in coffee shops, analyzing Disney theories, blasting trap music, and watching movies, especially Disney movies. 

Rachel Kim  |  
Web designer

A Long Islander who likes to call herself a New Yorker, Rachel is a first-year and prospective double major in English and History at Mount Holyoke. On campus, Rachel is involved in AASIA (Asian American Students in Action) and the Pre-Law Association. Apart from writing prose, Rachel is active in freelance graphic design. She thoroughly enjoys cleaning, visiting museums, eating Korean food, and reading up on weird discourse.