The Secretariat

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Edith is a senior at Mount Holyoke double majoring in French and International Relations, with a minor in African Studies and a pre-law track. After nearly 9 years of Model UN experience, she is excited to end her MUN career as Secretary General of FCMUN XII. Edith was born and raised in Ghana and is highly passionate about issues at the intersections of law and public policy. Particularly, she is interested in how these intersections can be leveraged for sustainable development in postcolonial African polities. In her down time she will gladly talk anyone's head off about books, writing and literary critism, alternative development theories, the need for full and genuine representation of marginalized regions in International Relations and of course Gilmore Girls (Team Jess). On Tuesday nights, you will also find her with a This is Us episode and a bowl of tears. By all means, feel free to have a chat with her at the conference in English, French, Twi, and even potentially some Italian or some Spanish - she loves to laugh and looks forward to meeting you all!


Mariana is currently a junior at Mount Holyoke and is looking forward to serving as FCMUN XII's Director General after being involved in MUN for six years. Although she is originally from the US and Singapore, Mariana has no home town and has spent most of her life living in different countries (seven in total!) As an Economics and International Relations double major, she is particularly interested in intellectual property rights and global ocean governance. Outside of academics, she spends a lot of time trying to keep her plants alive, dancing, reading for fun. You can often find her camping out in one of her friends' rooms or getting more coffee in the dining hall, because there is no such thing as too much coffee. If you see her around, feel free to say hi - she loves meeting new people and striking up interesting conversations!

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Chisato is a first year student at Mount Holyoke is incredibly excited to serve as this year's Under Secretary-General. She was born in Japan and moved to the United States when she was 6. She has lived in Massachusetts, New York, and Kansas, which she now calls her home (there's no place like home). She speaks 3 languages and is an intended Economics and International Relations major. She's passionate about protecting human rights in especially developing nations, increasing representation of minorities and women in transactional law, and aspires to be a real life Jessica Pearson. Chisato is thrilled to continue her MUN involvement in college with MHCMUN, and her hobbies include obsessively reading the NYT and Politico, eating too much ice cream (despite being lactose intolerant), and playing tennis. She loves to meet new people talk about anything ranging from MUN to food, so please say hi during the conference!


Ilika is a first-year student at Mount Holyoke college, serving as this year's Director of Publicity. She is from Lucknow, India and this is her first time living in another country. She is a prospective Computer Science major, and is particularly interested in fintech and how today's globalized communication systems affect our perception of the world. You can find her studying in the library mezzanine, or walking around campus complaining about the cold (she is a tropical girl at heart after all!). If you see her around campus, say hi- she won't hesitate to strike up a conversation about cats, Doctor Who and Sherlock! She is honored and excited to meet new people in this position and spread the same love she holds for MUN to others!

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Hinako is a first year at Mount Holyoke College, and is honored to serve as this year’s Under Secretary-General. She was born in New Zealand, and has spent the last 10 years in Japan where both her parents are from. She is a prospective Religion and Computer Science major, and is passionate about all kinds of religion and artificial intelligence. Hinako’s dream is to succeed as a lawyer, and she hopes to attend law school after graduation. She loves spending time with animals, playing the violin, and traveling around Asia. During spring, you will find her taking pictures of cherry blossoms; in summer she will be watching fireworks by the beach; in autumn she will be chasing the squirrels on campus; in winter she will lock herself in her dorm and watch figure skating competitions. Hinako can’t wait to meet all the amazing delegates at FCMUN, and is very excited to have interesting conversations, especially about MUN!

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zenia saqib- director of publicity

Zenia is a junior at Mount Holyoke, and is honored to serve as Director of Publicity for FCMUN. She was born in Lahore, Pakistan, but has lived in Saudi Arabia and in many cities around the U.S., before settling in Westborough, MA. She is a Computer Science and Political Science major, and is passionate about voter representation and access within politics. Zenia has been involved in Model UN for the past two years, serving as MHCMUN's Events and Outreach Coordinator for the last academic year, in addition to vice-chairing and directing committees in the past for FCMUN. Zenia's hobbies include taking Buzzfeed quizzes, snapping pictures around campus, reading her friend's birth charts, sleeping on the beanbags in the library, and spending wayyyy too much time in the dining hall. She loves to talk (a lot), so feel free to catch her at the conference and say hi!

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Stephanie (she/her) is a junior at Mount Holyoke College, and is excited to be this year's Business Director. She was born in Chicago, Illinois, and currently lives just outside of the city. Stephanie is an Economics and Statistics major, and a minor in Data Science. She loves to travel and play golf for Mount Holyoke's golf team. When Stephanie is not traveling or playing golf, you can find her hanging out at Thirsty Mind with her friends or binge watching "The Office" for the 15th time in her dorm. Although Stephanie is not in MUN, she is very excited to learn more about it and can't wait to meet all the amazing people at FCMUN.

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Pearl is a senior at Mount Holyoke, an International Relations major with minors in Organizational Studies and Global Business, and she is working as the Director of Logistics this year. She grew up in Nigeria and has spent the past three years in the U.S. She is very interested in management consulting and has worked in various organizations that have some aspect of management and consulting training. She previously served on the board of FCMUN as the Business Director and is excited to bring her experience to this year's conference. In her spare time, she loves Hulu, music, artwork and public speaking. You can ask her about the most random things and she'll probably know it. She is very excited for this year's conference and can't wait to meet all the delegations.


Suzannah Gray (she/her) is a proud class of 2022 member at Mount Holyoke College, and is thrilled to be the Director of Special Events this year for FCMUN. Suzannah is very passionate about political and environmental justice, and therefore intends to be a double major in Geology and Politics. On the Mount Holyoke campus you can find Suzannah wandering the science building, grabbing ice cream from dining, or agonizing over chemistry homework. When she isn't studying or working you can also find her reading on the green. As a native from Maine, the cold rarely bothers Suzannah, and she tends to thrive off of snow storm energy. Suzannah is also very proud of her home state and will tell anyone anything about Maine if they let her. Suzannah can't wait to see all of the delegates engage at FCMUN this year and can't wait to start conversations with people about the state of Maine, her beloved bassett hounds, and MUN of course!!

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Sara Khan is our enthusiastic Director of Delegate Affairs for FCMUN XII. She is a sophomore at Smith College majoring in Government and Economics. She was born and raised in Lahore, Pakistan and loves her city especially the ‘Lahori’ food culture. Her passion for Model UN comes from her longtime interest in International Relations and Human Rights. Sara is currently involved with the Smith Model UN club, serving as their President for this academic year. When she’s not in classes or at Model UN you’ll find her obsessing over Ed Sheeran and eating ramen. She loves meeting new people so do not hesitate to reach out to her or strike a conversation when you see her.