Partition of India, 1947

The Commonwealth is planning to leave the Dominion of India, and the question arises of how India will function as a sovereign nation. The committee will essentially function for the purpose of deciding if India will stay unified, or whether it would separate based on governmental factions. Different states in India strive for their independence and delegates will have to show flexibility in serving everyone's interests. The committee will strive to enact partition better than it actually happened and equip the nations that arise from it.

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Zenia Saqib  |


Committee Director

Zenia is a sophomore at Mount Holyoke majoring in Computer Science and Politics. She was born in Lahore, Pakistan, but has lived in Central Massachusetts for the last nine years. Surprisingly, she still has not assimilated to the short days and blisteringly cold weather. Her fascination with South Asian history started to develop because of her grandparents, who would regale her with tales and personal anecdotes about the 1947 Partition when she was a child. During her junior year of high school, she had the opportunity to research and write a 20-page paper on the subject; to this date, it's the only school assignment she has actually enjoyed. Zenia joined Model UN during her first semester of college, and has not looked back since. She also enjoys political comedy, making Spotify playlists, and taking Buzzfeed quizzes. If you are ever wondering about her results for "What Kind of Pizza Are You?'', don't be afraid to ask!