Parks and Recreation

Welcome to Pawnee, Indiana, home to the Parks and Recreation department run by Ron Swanson (but really, it's all thanks to Deputy Director Leslie Knope). A small town that serves as Everytown, USA, Pawnee has problems, from its obesity crisis to the raccoon infestation to the corrupt Sweetums Candy Company dominating the economy. But no problem is too big or small to be solved by Pawnee local government.

This committee begins at season 6, right when the pretentious town of Eagleton goes bankrupt and the merger begins. Will Leslie be recalled as city councilwoman? What will happen with Rent-A-Swag? How will two towns that have lived as sworn enemies integrate? From Ron to Donna to Ben to Ann to Garry-Jerry-Larry-Terry, it's up to Pawnee's Department of Parks and Recreation to save the merger--and perhaps the town itself.

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Amelia Benich  |


Committee Director


Amelia is a sophomore at Mount Holyoke majoring in Economics with a minor in Journalism. Originally from Chicago, she prides herself on her suburban-Midwestern heritage and knows that the proper response to bumping into someone is "ope!" above all else. She first took an interest in economics from her dad playing NPR's Planet Money on road trips and hopes to one day work for Vox or Last Week Tonight, two investigative-journalism-based productions that she watches religiously. She also has a passion for narrative film and, if prodded, will spend hours detailing the sociopolitical aspects that make Parks and Rec the greatest television comedy of all time (along with The Office, of course). Model UN is what keeps her going, with the "conference high" being the highlight of her college life. Catch her devising crisis arcs on the reg and giving her directives the memeiest titles possible so the chair has to read "electric boogaloo" out loud.