The Ministry of Magic

Welcome to the Wizarding World, Minister of Magic Hermione Granger has just taken over from previous Minister Kingsley Shacklebolt whose tenure was heralded by many as a golden age following the death of Voldemort and the resurrection of the ministry. Despite all signs pointing to a successful new regime, the rise of a new terrorist group has pushed the Wizarding World to the brink of civil war with mounting pressure on the Ministry to find the culprits responsible. This committee features an adult Harry Potter and company with Harry Potter as the head of the Department of Magical Law enforcement, Hermione Granger as the Minister of Magic and countless others. Together they will be forced to decide who to hold responsible for this crisis, how to mitigate the rising death toll and how to prevent different radical wizarding groups from starting all out civil war. The fate of the Wizarding world and by proxy the muggle world once again is in the hands of Harry Potter. 

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Jai Pemmaraju      |


Committee Director


Jai is a sophomore at Mount Holyoke and a double major in Spanish and History with a Pre-law track. Growing up, Harry Potter was (and still is) very dear to his heart. As a huge fan of the books and movies, Jai wanted to wield a wand and cast spells, but also embody the immense bravery he saw in the characters. 

Jai hopes this committee will serve as a magical experience... delegates can add twists and turns to their hearts' desire and ultimately decide the fate of the Wizarding World through diplomacy and deceit. After all, what is Harry Potter without mischief?