The United States Space Exploration Council


The United States Space Exploration Council is a dedicated group of world renowned scientists, experts, and politicians who join forces to explore avenues of space discovery and colonization. The Council is holding an emergency summit to discuss the recent developments in the race towards the colonization of Mars. The United States of America has developed its first space vessel that will soon be launched and begin to populate and colonize Mars. However, Russia and China are also developing the technology to send a space vessel to Mars. This is creating another space race and the stakes and tensions are higher than ever before.

As the situation worsens, the United States Space Exploration Council must find  a way to beat the odds and win the space race.. As the leaders of the United States Space Exploration Council, you are tasked with finding a solution by working together or battling out for space dominance.




Taylor is a sophomore at Mount Holyoke College, serving as crisis director for the United States Council for Space Exploration. She is a biology major, chemistry minor, and on the pre-medical track. She’s from Northern Vermont right on the border of Canada, so she’s no stranger to the cold. Taylor has been involved in MUN for 6 years and this is her second year as a crisis director for FCMUN. She also volunteers in a local emergency room and is involved in student government. When she's not doing any of that, you can often find her stressing over organic chemistry in the dining hall late at night, bingeing Grey’s Anatomy for the 5th time, or face-timing her 5-month old niece. Taylor is so excited for FCMUN XII and she can’t wait to see what her committee comes up with this year!

Vivian (she/her) is a sophomore at Mount Holyoke College, and is thrilled to be a crisis co-director for FCMUN XII. She was born and raised in southern Indiana, but now lives in upstate New York. She is pursuing a psychology major and environmental studies minor, with basically no idea what she’s going to do after graduation. Her hobbies include drawing, sculpting, watching a lot of video essays, and occasionally playing D&D (don’t knock it until you’ve tried it). She might be a bit awkward if you strike up a conversation with her, but you might as well try it anyway and listen to her spout semi-relevant fun facts, which is her idea of small talk.