JCC:  French and Indian War

One of the fundamental conflicts of early American history, the French and Indian War set the stage for the American Revolution as well as the American cultural psyche. The combined abilities and desires of First Nations peoples, French military and settlers, British military, and American colonists shaped this war and, thus, shaped the future of North America. With two committee chambers, one for each side in the North American theatre of the Seven Years War, delegates will have the opportunity to affect the future of North America as well as the role European powers will continue to play in the continent through the 18th century.

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Sabrina Edwards  |


Committee Director

Sabrina is a sophomore economics major and the treasurer for MHC's MUN team. When she's not slaving over background guides and conference budgets, she is also the Health and Science editor for the Mount Holyoke News. Though her career and heart lie in economics, her passion for early American history dates back to watching Liberty's Kids and playing with her American Girl dolls in elementary school. Today, that manifests as writing MUN committees and an unhealthy obsession with period dramas (TURN, Pride and Prejudice, and Marie Antoinette are particular favorites.) When not at school, she lives in St. Louis, Missouri and loves to travel. 


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