Council on Reintegration

After a two-year war between zombies and humans called “The Pale Wars,” zombies have been given medicine and cosmetics from the US government to aid in reintegration. Tensions, however, have inevitably rose between the living and PDS (Post Death Syndrome) sufferers. Two rebel groups have formed: Victus, an anti-PDS group that believes PDS sufferers should pay back society for the havoc they wreaked through enforced servitude, and the Undead Liberation Army, a PDS extremist group intent on wiping out living people. These tensions must be quelled in order to successfully reintegrate PDS sufferers into society, if such a thing is possible at all.

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Emily Roles Fotso  |


Committee Director

Emily Roles Fotso, class of 2021, is a potential English and Philosophy double major with a pre-law track. She is a Cameroonian-American interested in writing, reading, human rights advocacy, and music. In her spare time, Emily likes to read poetry, travel, and watch TV. She was interested in this committee because of the many moral questions it raised and because she's always loved the horror genre.