Catalonia, Oct. 2017

Benvinguts delegats. The date is October 2, 2017. Catalonia has just held a region-wide referendum regarding independence for the community. 90% of voters supported independence, but with a voter turnout of 42% the validity of these results is questionable. The Spanish federal government also heavily suppressed the voting, resulting in many instances of police brutality against those attempting to vote. Now, the Catalan Parliament must decide how to move forward. Will they declare independence and begin the state-building process? Will they negotiate with Spain peacefully regarding the future of their autonomous community? Will the parliament take unprecedented measures? Delegates, the future of Catalonia is in your hands.



Emma Rubin  |


Committee Director


Emma is currently a sophomore at Mount Holyoke College and majoring in Romance Languages and Cultures, with an emphasis on Spanish and Catalan. In case that does not give you a hint as to why Emma wanted to direct this committee, Emma is incredibly interested in the political situation in Catalonia, noting how it has intensified in recent months. Additionally, Emma is fascinated by the historical context and examining how the past plays a role in creating the situation in the region that we see now. When Emma is not doing MUN, Emma loves to practice yoga, bake vegan goods, read the NYT, and watch television shows (RPDR, Silicon Valley, The Cable Girls, and many more). Emma looks forward to an exciting weekend of debate and crisis developments relating to this captivating topic.