Ad Hoc

ad hoc

/ˌæd ˈhɑk  /ˌad ˈhäk  /   |   adj. & adv.

Formed, arranged, or done for a particular purpose only. (Oxford Living Dictionaries)

Following MUN tradition, the ad hoc committee topic will not be revealed until a specified date during the conference.


It’s the year 2018 and nearly every aspect of human activity has become irreversibly intertwined with cyber space, from the public Internet, to military instruments, financial transactions, and private communications. Threats to global cyber security have become more numerous and more consequential. For the first time in History an International Cyber Security Council (ICSC) comprised of top security and intelligence officers from around the world have been called to address the most pressing cybersecurity issues of the present day. As tensions between nations have escalated the potential of a global cyber conflict is becoming more plausible. Has the 5th domain of warfare finally arrived?

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 Joy              |


Committee Director


Joy is currently a sophomore at Mount Holyoke College and is majoring in Environmental Science. Although she does care about the environment, her true passion in life is Europe. She plans on studying abroad there for an entire year, so if you catch her in London or Paris, be sure to say hi! When she's not dreaming about drinking wine on the Seine River, she is studying, watching Black Mirror, and serving as the GA Trainer for Mount Holyoke's Model United Nations team. She is looking forward to an exciting and eventful weekend in committee!